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Brief Facts about these Dangerous and Widely Banned Animals

In one study sponsored by the US Governement Centers For Disease Control it was reported that 32% of all dog related killings of human beings in the United States are caused by Pit Bulls attacks, yet Pit Bulls constitute only 2% of all dogs. 70% of those mauling deaths were of children. 

According this large federal government study conducted over a 20 year period the Centers for Disease Control concluded that Attacks by pit bulls accounted for one third of the fatal dog attacks in the United States. This study also cited the disproportionate threat these dogs pose to children. Children, according to the study, are the most vulnerable victims in dog attacks, with those under the age of 14 accounting for 42 percent of all dog bite injuries. Most of the mauled victims are between the ages of five and nine.

The ownership of pit bulls should be opposed. This breed of dog is dangerous to children, adults, police and erodes community safety and order. These dogs should be banned and the public educated about the dangers these dogs pose. We can work to end the pit bull threat only by speaking out against them and their fanatical owners. Become active in your community and work on laws to ban pit bulls to protect our children and to promote a safe community for all.

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Pit Bulls: Deadly Breed Most Responsible for Death and Maimings of Humans and Other Animals

On average about 27 people will be killed by a dog each year in the US, 19 of the homicide victims will be children under the age of 15. The dog that causes 3 out of 4 attacks on kids will be the "loving" family dog, such as the "friendly companion" pit bull with the wonderful disposition. Children attacked by these breeds are literally torn apart with horrifying injuries that are almost beyond words. Those that survive are often maimed for life.

What accounts for the popularity of pit bulls?

The dogs fearsome image and reputation certainly seems to have a great deal to do with it. These dogs are particularly popular in the inner cities have become part of hip hop culture and style, leading many opponents of pit bull bans to cite racism as a possible motive for the proposed bans. But the dogs have made life for residents in these places more difficult, as the owners use them as tools of intimidation, or wield totally inadequate or no control over them, leading to bites, maulings and deaths in areas with enough social ills. Additionally a large subculture (recently exposured when NFL star quarterback Michael Vick was indicted for promoting dog fighting operations) has grown up around these dogs that enjoys the spectacle of dogs ripping each other apart. Fighting skill, power, cool, hipness of "Pits" are concepts that have engaged the popular imagination and led to the proliferation of Pit Bulls as pets in otherwise sane and healthy America. Many of these owners are unaware of the origins of their desire to own a pit bull, but the taste for such animals has its roots in the cultural debris of American Hip Hop.

Owners are the Problem: True- They Are Crazy (Most of them)

Unfortunately pit bulls and related breeds have spread to middle class America where they are revered as family "pets," it seems that many of the owners are as tenacious as the dogs themselves as they enjoy defending their cherished animal against the vituperations in the press and the (until recently) mild ones such as those found on this web site. Indeed over the past five years we have received more ill will and hate filled emails from pit bull owners than we have actual dog bite victims (most emails to this site are from irate pit bull owners!). Although one case we received on this web site was a child mauled to death---by a pit bull. So the raving emails of the pit bull owners of these supposedly loving dogs reaches to a truly tragic level. I will say that a fair number of the less aggressive people sending email may be owners with a geniune affection for a pet- however the taste for such pets and violent defense of them is misplaced affection. These dogs are bred killers and have no place in a family home no matter how innocent or friendly a particular dog may seem. The experience of the United Kingdom mentioned below- a country of some 60 million people is instructive on this point.

That the owners of these dogs have alot of "issues" is evidenced by the volume and content of the email we get ( I have started to post a few examples at the bottom of this page). Although anecdotal we conclude from their own words to us on this site that a large number of these pit bull owners are people who have no qualifications to own any animal. In fact the majority of the hate filled email we received over the past five years was from a simple one sentence reference on this site to the fact that pit bulls are the most likely breed to bite. We have since researched the issue and expanded the commentary and information about the deadly nature of pit bulls on this site in direct response to the unremitting string of hate filled emails we get from misanthrope pit bull lovers, who we presume prefer to cuddle with butch and his spiked collar, rather than the 5 year old child in Chicago whose skull was crushed in the jaws of such a beast.

It would be merely tragic-comedy if these pit bull propagandists where ignored, but they are vocal in opposing legislation that would protect children from cruel deaths and they influence real world policy.

Ban Pit Bulls: More Laws Needed: Already Banned in England- When will US Policy Catch Up?

More enlightened countries such as England have already acted against cultural trends that led to widespread private ownership of pit bulls, a phenomenon we now have entrenched in the US. The Dangerous Dogs Act has been law in the UK since 1991! The law was introduced in response to numerous high profile incidents of serious injury or death resulting from attacks by aggressive and uncontrolled dogs, usually on children. These incidents received heavy media attention, which resulted in widespread public outrage over the keeping of dangerous dogs such as Pit bulls and led to the legislative response through passage of the Act banning them.
Several breeds in particular were identified by the Act including those dogs identified as Pit Bull Terriers.
It is illegal to own any of these dogs in England and the UK including Pit Bulls without specific exemption from a court of law. The dogs that are privately held are required to be muzzled and kept on a leash in public, they must be registered and insured, neutered and receive microchip implants. The Act also bans the breeding and exchange of pit bulls. The numbers of dog attacks and serious incidents has dropped dramatically all across the UK. If only the US had such laws we could save countless lives of children!

I also note that not one of the hundreds of emails we received defending Pit Bulls mentions the fact that a country of 60 Million people voted to ban these dogs, nor do they bother to regard this as at all relevant. Such a ban is inconvient evidence to their "defenses" of these dogs to say the least. You Disagree with the UK ban? Do you have any facts, studies, agruments about the ban and its results? Let's hear them. Ban Pit Bulls!!!

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We are particularly interested in hearing from Victims of pit bulls, or those in law enforcement with deep experience and will post those views here below.

Comments about Deadly Pit Bulls from Readers:

Pit Bull Attacks Documented Here. Refute the Pit Bull Owners with your Story.

Horse Attacked and Killed by Neighbors Pit Bulls. Vows to Fight Against Pit Bull Owners:
Date of incident: 11/27/08
At 7:00 a.m., My neighbor pounded on my door. I couldn't get to the door fast enough so he ran to my sons window. I could hear him screaming at my son to get me, to call the vet and that the horses had been attacked by pit bulls. I ran outside, and from 100 feet away could only see part of the devastation that these dogs had caused. As I ran out toward the horses, I could see a large white pit bull and a smaller brown pit bull, running back toward my neighbor who was now back with the horses, trying to stop the bleeding on my little mare. My god they were coming back to finish what they had started. I screamed at him that they were on their way back. With that the white pit turned and ran back to his house. I kept running toward the horses. I lost sight of the brown dog because of the treeline. My neighbor had already called the police department and told them they needed to "get out here" quick. To all of this, he received a phone call back from the Clark County Animal Control. He answered hoping to have some kind of confirmation. The "advice" he received was that the owners of the dogs would receive a citation since they were no longer on the property".

His reply to the lady was a firm, quick "then I'm about to shoot those f----- dogs myself. I have a horse bleeding to death here ". With that he hung up. Immediatly our Metropolitan Police Department called him back and said the officers were on their way and to not do anything. I was now down with my neighbor and the horses. I have never seen anything so horrible in my life. This sweet little horse that had! given every kid within a 10 mile radious of my house, was going to die. There was no doubt in my mind. Judging by the amount and location of her blood, they had attacked her on one side of the arena, chasing her for god only knows how long, leaving a trail of splattered blood around the ground of the entire arena, on the piping used for the arena, on the feed bins, the water bins, and on the trees. They cornered her, causing her to attempt to jump the fence line. She failed. She was hung on the fence where they proceeded to eat the soft portion of her under belly, puncturing her lungs. They also attacked her from the front, on the other side of the fence (where they live), eating and tearing at her face and front of her legs and chest. They had completely torn out a large piece of tissue, tearing the main artery of her left leg. There were so many bite barks on the right leg,and so much blood pumping from so many different holes, I didn't know where I could or should put a tourniquet.

My neighbor had had to lift her off of the fence to bring her body completely back to our side. She was shaking... just violently. I don't know how else to describe it. She was trying to walk, to run, to get away. I'm sure she had no idea we were there. Her eyes kept rolling to the back of her head and the blood just kept pumping out of her injuries. There were so many I couldn't figure out what I should do next. With all of our attention going to the little horse, I hadn't forgotten about my proud and majestic gelding. He was trying to stay by her side during this entire episode. He had managed to break a leg on the white dog (I may have been told this by someone trying to make me feel better)

He had been in the corner with the little mare trying desperatly to defend her. He had huge chunks of flesh missing from his neck, face ,legs and underbelly as well. They completely tore of the right side of his lip. There is a peice of flesh that is approximetly 13" long and 3" wide. At the top of which there is a bite hole that is 4" in diameter and 3/4" deep. It's very obvious that this is wear the bite started and was so deep it tore while a dog was hanging on. He has a total of 9 bites, 3 of which, are so deep, had they been just a bit to one side or the other, would have been fatal.
We were both covered in blood by the time the police showed up. I really couldn't say how long it was. The white pit bull had been let inside and the brown dog was running lose. Animal control showed up and tried for two hours to catch the dog. She was finally successful with the help of 8 police officers and 2 SWAT officers. I could them knocking on the door to the house for quit some time. First the people home refused to turn the dog over. They were attempting to wash it. Can you imagine? No accountability from this type of person.

Finally the vet showed up and put my little mare out of her misery. Where she was standing when she went down, was so much blood I could see it from my kitchen window... about 100 feet away. The vet said she would have most certainly would have died from a loss of blood and drowning in her own blood from the punctured arteries and veins that had bled into her lungs.
My gelding is alive, but only because my neighbor decided to feed the horses a little early. Any longer and I have no doubt that these dogs would never have relented until he was dead as well. And to think they were just going to write a citation. Animal Control did finally end up with the dogs; however I was informed that no promises could made and because there is no record of them doing this before, they may get the dogs back. I'm still in shock. Carla S. Las Vegas 11/27/08

I wrote in, a few minutes ago...about my horse being killed. I then went back to the home page and made an educated attempt to read some of the input given by those ignorant, uneducated, ridiculous people who have made and attempt to converse about this horrible situation. What I found...after reading just a bit, (it was all I could stand) was that the similarities between the owner and the dog are astoundingly similar. The ignorant rantings of these people simply show that they will fight to end....very much like their pit bull counterparts, and that they have no need for provocation. They will strike with arrogance and without any prejudice, provocation or common sense. Every statement I read from you pit bull owners was full ignorance exuding from your very pores with a bewildering attempt at conversation and each ridiculous argument; "that the rest of the world should learn live in fear of their very existence(simply because one lives n!
ext door or down the street) makes me sick to my stomach. My horses were waiting to eat breakfast at 7:00 in the morning, on the opposite side of a 2 acre arena that was lined with fencing that the guilty pit bulls chewed through to get to them. The cornered her, ran her into a fence and proceeded to eat her alive. Is there an argument for this? These dogs were supposedly very young and had no record of prior the owner is trying desperately to wash the blood away dogs before the police came to take them.

As I said before in a different statement. What about accountability. You all want to have your vicious dogs as an attempt to show how strong and untouchable you are, then at least be accountable for the damage they do. Again...'WHY SHOULD THE REST OF US LIVE IN FEAR BECAUSE YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOUR ABSURD ANIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!
This is unconscious ignorance. OOps. I'm sorry, are my words too big for you pit bull owners? One should learn to proof read "prior" to sending an e-mail full of stupid conversation, spelling errors,along with the incorrect and embarrassing usage of the English language. If you people want to argue about the virtues of the pit bull breed, at least show some intelligence. Perhaps you should try spell check as well. I applaud the creators of this web site.

For those of us who had never been touched by the violence of this breed until they literally tear into our world with absolutely no provocation, this web site will prove a sounding board for those who have lost a loved one to this horrendous breed. Mark my words; I will be relentless, and I will make a difference. Carla S. Posted 11/27/08
My little silky Terrier was killed by Pit Bulls

Date of incident: October 14th 2008

Describe the dog attack/bite: Two pit bulls belonging to a neighbor were witnessed of attacking a cow in our community by the neck. Three adults tried to get one of the dogs off. After throwing rocks, the one hanging from the cow released its bite and another person shot it and killed it. Unfortunately, the other got away.
Yesterday, my neighbor witnessed the dog loose and in my garage. They went into her yard and tried to attack her dogs who where also fenced up. She had to throw a shovel to get them away. Well to make a long story short, my dog was found mauled to death in my yard. I have had the Game Warden come and take pictures, swab the bit and teeth marks. How can I get help. Catherine M. from Wyoming 10/15/08

Yellow Lab Attacked.

My dog is a 10 year old yellow lab, rescued at 10 weeks old. He is a well-socialized, smart, and non-aggressive critter. My neighbor walks my dog every day while I'm at work. As usual, she brought him to the off-leash park near home. There were two other dogs, one a small (young) pit and the other, a very large pure white "pit" intact male. According to my dog walker, Sunray entered the park and was promptly greeted by the big white dog. They looked at each other, then the big male attacked and flipped my 75lb onto his side, and bad hip and bit on the right side, between his flanks. My dog walker said my baby was screaming, and this dog would not let go. Because she did not know the risk to herself, my dog walker was actively trying to pull the dog off. She actually started poking his eyes with her fingers, which made the attacking dog release enough that she could grab Sunray away. He required about 15 stitches, a drain for several days, antibiotics, and multiple times per day of "hot packing".

He was in horrid pain for two days, with no relief from the pain meds. He healed completely, thank goodness. Because of what Pit Bulls have been historically bred for--bear and bull control--they are uniquely gifted at relentless and selfless attacking of huge animals, holding on despite any harm to themselves. It is this history that distinguishes the breed from most others. A plea to all pit bull humans: 1) do not leave your dog off-leash, ever 2) recognize their history and what they were bred to do 3) accept that another distinguishing characteristic is that Pits "flip" without warning. Please, accept that your dog is bred to protect humans from all other animals and without concern for harm to themselves. Thank you. Karen and Sunray, 9/14 2008

Jack Russel Attacked.

I was taking my 2 leashed dogs out for a walk when a pit bull dashed out of the front door of the house when the owner opened the door. It went after my Jack Russel. the owners came out and try to grab the pitbull, it took 2 people to control him and placed him back inside after it had bitten my dog's tail. as i was checking my dogs injuries, the damn dog got away again and started to attack my dog again, the owners again came out and try to grab him but it lunge back at my dog. this time it took 3 people to control him. my dog received injuries on his back, tail and hind legs. Took him to the vet. hospital and is now recovering.

I don't understand how people think these dogs aren't dangerous. Yes i give you that all dogs bite, yes i know that there are some irresponsible owners as well as responsible ones. but at the end of the day the amount of damage these dogs and other like dogs can dish out is not the same as a regular dog. Their ability to severely injure you and your inability to defend yourself from an attack from this animal is what makes them dangerous.

The pit was bread for fighting, that is his instincts , "fighting". my Jack Russel was bread for attacking and catching rats. those are his instincts.

Train them all you like, sooner or later instincts well take over. your a fool if you think a couple of lessons in obedience school and rubbing their bellies will prevent them from following what is in their genetic nature. James L. from NJ 8/18/08

Golden/Husky Mauled by Pit Bull

My younger sister (19 years old) was walking the dog around the neighborhood. An approximately 70-80 pound pitbull was unleashed and attacked my dog. He pinned my 60 husky/golden retriever mix against the tire of an SUV and latched onto his left leg. He then got a hold of his neck. It took two grown male neighbors to fight this dog off of my dog, who finally crawled under the car to escape. There seemed to be only 5 to 6 large wounds while we waited for animal control. When we took him to an emergency vet and they shaved and cleaned his wounds, he was found to have at least 15 bite wounds on his whole left shoulder and elbow, as well as his neck. There were 4 tubes placed through the larger wounds for draining, and the veterinarian stated that we were very lucky because these bites were pretty bad. The owner signed his dog over to animal control for euthanasia immediately, stating that "if his dog could do this to another dog, he doesn't want it! around his kids." I am 21 year old who works and goes to school full time, and can not afford the vet bills that I have already incurred, and that I will be responsbile for soon. Alex L/ Columbus Ohio 3/30/08

Terrier Attacked by Pit Bull. At the dog park we go to every weekend, we brought both of our dogs to get some playtime. We own a terrier mix, and a ridgeback, who get along with all other breeds of dogs. A pit bull was at the park and was very aggressive with many of the dogs, and finally got a hold of our terrier's neck and would not let go. We had to take her to the vet and she received 10 stitches. Every time we go and there is a pit bull at the park there is inevitably an attack, just last weekend a pit bull attacked four dogs before everyone at the park made the owner leave. It took a group of 20 other dog owners to convince this particular pit bull owner that his dog was not safe, nor welcome there. If you wish to own one of these dogs please leave them at home in you fenced in backyard, we should not be punished for other people's lack of common sense. My least favorite, but most commonly heard defense of pit bulls is "it's all in how you raise them". Thank you so much for your efforts, I fully support what you guys are doing. Michael F. from Orlando 9/14/07

Bishon Frise Mauled. My bishon frise ran out the door and up the street where a neighbor placed him ion her home. Once she knew who owned the dog she was walking back with him when suddenly out of what seemed nowhere came a pit bull. The pit bull placed my dogs right hand side of his face in it's mouth and locked it's jaw. A neighbor and myself, both bitten, the neighbor forcing the pit bulls mouth open and releasing "Buttons" from his powerful grip, for the pit bull to lunge again and grab him by the abdomin. After approx. 8 gruling minutes we were able to release "Buttons" for the final time. He survived needing 82 staples in the abdomin and several in other areas. I will someday loose my fingernail, now hanging, from the bite I received. I would now like to start a none profit organization to bring aqwareness of the breed and perhaps help in new dog laws. i would like for the dog owner to pay my dog bills also! Thank you, Robert R. 8/1/07

Mom Attacked by Pit Bull. My mom went out to her truck to start it and her dog went with he never leaves the yard NEVER well this pit comes from no where and attacks her dog well they(her & her dog)got her off of him and he was listing to my mom because she told him no and to get to the door well that pitt run right pass my mom and went after him again she got in between them and put her right fist in her month and beated it with her left and the dog would not let go she scramed for me I had to hit the dog on the head with my fist neredles to say she let go of him,the it would not leave the yard.Well my mom ended up with a boken hand and the dog only got a flesh wound and thier both ok now this dog will be put down THANK GOD my mom didn't get bitten or a child I TOTALLY AGREE WITH A LAW TO PUT THESE SINCELESS ATTACKS these dog are manly used for fighting thats how there born. Debbie G. from North Carolina 7/16/07

Puppy Killed in Park by Pit Bull. At the Broomfield, CO family dog park that I go to five times a week. A male had his pit bull there. The PB was being aggressive to other dogs and went after my dog as my dog played with another dog. The owner was able to pull the PB off. Ten minutes later as I was finishing throwing away some dog poop, I noticed the PB owner had his dog on a leash. My dog was playing wiht three other dogs in the area and when he walked by the PB it attacked again. It grabbed him on the underside of the neck and flipped him onto his back and began to shake him. The owner, despite mine and others pleas, would or could not get his dog to release. I tried grabbing the PBs collar to choke him and he snapped at me, no injury. He then re-attached to my dog's throat. My dog's eyes were rolling back and he could not breath. I took out a pocket kife and stabbed the pit bull several times in the back and side of the neck. It finally passed out and released. My dog required over an hour of surgery, will have permanant scarring to his face and neck. One puncture/bite wound was within 2 mm of his jugular vein. Jeff Colorado 7/30/07
Michael Vick- Need we say more?

Bitten by Pit Bull: I was bitten on the hand and arm by neighbor's Pitbull - I needed 12 stitches and antibiotics - My neighbor says its my fault because I was trimming bushes near her driveway and I got the dog upset with the hedge trimmer. Myra C. 6/11/07
Portuguese Parliament Lobby Effort to Ban Pit Bulls 6/4/07:
I have set up a blog and a campaign to colect signatures and send a citizen's petiton to Portuguese Parliament, to change the Dangerous Dogs Law, after my 85 years old father pekinois was mauled, in front of his eyes, by a Pit Bull - and my father, with a severe cardiac condition, almost died...
My blog (English version):
Best Regards,
Paulo R.
Journalist (Press Card nº 734)

My Chihuahua was killed in my yard by a Pit Bull, Posted 12/27/06 from Heidi P, NC

My husband was outside with our 2 dogs standing beside him when the neighbors Pit Bull snuck around our back yard & attacked my Chihuahua while my husband was standing beside him. My husband hit him with a 10' wooden ladder & kicked him. It didn't phase the Pit Bull. He was on top of my dog spread out like a frog. My husband ran in the house to retreive a gun. When he came back outside the Pit Bull took my dog back into his yard. Of course the owner is trying to say his dog was chained. We are fighting this matter not only with animal control but with county officials. My Chihuahua died the next day at a Animal Speciality Clinic in Cary NC. Loosing a pet of 7 years that was loved & babied was devasting for my husband & I both. We cry each day as if we had lost a child. He was our child. Stricter laws need to be enforced & carried out involving vicious dogs expecially Pit Bulls & Rotweillers. They account for over 70% of vicious attacks.

My Dog Toby was Killed by Pit Bulls, Posted 1/25/07 by Michelle


Pet Goat's Throat Ripped Out by Pit Bull in Front of 10 Year Old Girl, Posted by Bev C. 3/6/07

This was not a person that was attacked. It was our pet goat. A pit bull mix tore the throat right out of my daughter's pet miniature goat, killing him in a most brutal and savage attack. This was done right in front of my 10 year old. I am so thankful that it was not her that was attacked. The goat was approximately 50lbs and had a considerable rack of horns but was no match against this dog. This dog has been running rampant and had killed 2 of my chickens back in the fall. I received no help from animal control at that time. They did a half way job of looking for the dog and gave up after a short period of a couple of hours or less. They are somewhat more diligent this time, but I have had to "ride" them. Now the dog and owners have been found and the owners are fighting me over this. My husband and I have to go to court and watch my daughter testify and re-live this attack on her beloved pet in order to prove that it occurred. The owners admitted that even though they know that it occurred we can't prove it.

My husband had arrived upon the scene as the goat was taking his last breath through the gaping hole in his throat while my daughter looked on. The dogs (the other dog was a mixed long hair breed) took off through the woods but my husband and daughter got a good look. Her goat, "Henry" was hand raised by her on a baby bottle and lived in our kitchen until he was mature enough to go outside into a pen inclosure. Now, my daughter is forced to be victimized twice because it seems that the culprit has more rights than the victim.

Please Help Spread the word about these dangerous Dogs. Support Breed Specfic Laws.

Tell us your Pit Bull Attack Story: You may Contact us online here let your thoughts and Story be Known. Ban Pit Bulls!!!!!

Hate Mail Files from Deluded Pit Bull Apologists; New!

As usual we continue to receive a steady stream of self righteous semi-coherent Pit Bulls Owner and "Lover" emails filled with mindless slogans, and rage in their hearts directed at this web site and opinions such as those expressed here they do not like. How do they even find this site? I think I will start to post some highlights! I have deleted the thousands of other hostile emails sent in over the years- below are a few typical items starting May 2007.

1) We are told were are "miss educated" by Pit Bull Lover For Life!!!!! She continues: "Plenty of people have these dogs, and only some have turned, but you know why? Because people chain them and make them frusterated and TRAIN them to fight! Why hasn't EVERY SINGLE pit bull killed someone? because PIT BULLS ARE NOT MEAN! they are so sweet! I mean, look at some of the smaller breeds! some are meaner than pit bulls, and i bet if they had a pit bulls size, they would kill just as many people. Pit bulls are also 4 different breeds, so their bite stats go up x4!!! is that fair?? NO WAY! If a pit bull has done no harm, it should be respected and treated fairly. Breed Banning does not target the main problem, which is the bad owners!" ED Comment: Shooting fish in a barrel, I need not comment further. Though this level of education and reasoning typifies the Pit Bull owner in the US but at least she is civil - as most are not! 5/16/07

2) A certain Karen Delise is "stunned at the lack of professionalism evidenced on this website. Of all the dog-bite attorney websites and their myriad of inaccurate claims and statistics used to further their personal/financial agenda, to-date, I have seen none that can compare to the level to which your company has stooped... I cannot even begin to address the number and substance of your inaccurate claims and your emotional diatribe against a specific breed of dogs. It is unprofessional at best - and at worst - shameful." Ed Comment: After this carefully crafted analysis she goes on to claim authorship of some "books" which I gather from the titles are potboiler defenses of Pit Bulls. The titles promise to arouse our indignation at the "unfair" treatment these dogs recieve by the media: Her books said to be "Fatal Dog Attacks: The Stories Behind the Statistics, The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression." They sound like page turners. She is likely cashing in though, selling to the thousands of morons who have emailed this site defending the beloved pit bull from evil lawyers. She and her readership can now sleep soundly knowing that the "Myth" of Pit Bulls being any more dangerous than Snoopy has finally been debunked. Please save us from these deluded "pet" lovers. 5/10/07

3) A Dr. Jonathan Bradley of Dedham Mass. writes: "You should be ashamed of yourselves... Things that kill more people per year than pitbulls: Balloons, vending machines, lightning, then if you want to get into things that kill thousands of times more than pitbulls on an annual basis try: black people (about 6000), physicians (about 40000), vehicles (10's of thousands). You should really represent the literature accurately if you are going to consider yourself a professional. Also pointing out that the clifton study is purely based on media reports and has no references at all. " ED: This guy is a Doctor? 5/23/07

4) Nathan Leavitt kindly Informs us: "I'm sure that you know that anyone can make claims and formulate their own statistics to support any opinion or anythings. That didn't stop you from creating this website as a brilliant source of leads (ED- Like this one!). Pathetic. (Ed- Right.) I'm guessing that your practice must be suffering pretty badly if you're relying on websites like this to provide leads.... Anyone with common sense can see right through your biased opinions. They are nothing more than unsubstantiated "statistics" that back up your opinion and reinforce the unfortunate stigma against "pit bulls." Nice marketing tool. Get a life....and i'm guessing a new job." ED: Someone needs attention! This email is also fairly standard in that it attributes our motives to money and assumes the saintliness of these dogs. 5/22/07

5) This Owner Bites! Janice Waddington writes to us intelligently and thoughtfully: I can't beleive you put such total and utter bull s@#t on-line about a breed you clearly know nothing about, do your homework at school on pit bulls, before you condem them, like any breed its not the dog thats to blame ITS THE OWNER!!!!! 6/12/07

6) Megan Blum of Tuls, Oklahoma writes: Yes I would like to report on a very specific "dog attack" It is the attack of the American Pit Bull Terrier.... that is going on on this very website. I am extremely offended by your misrepresentative of the breed. Your so called facts are extremely inaccurate. The type of injury incurred here today are not only my feelings but also the feelings of my 7 month old American Pit Bull Terrier. I would like to address this remark "Owners are the Problem: True- They Are Crazy" I would like to shed a little light on who I am. I am a 21 year old student who is going to school to become a Legal Secretary... from there I plan on building my skills in my work place and hopefully becoming a Lawyer someday myself. I however do not plan on spewing illegitimate facts like you have so done here on this website. I am female and I live in Oklahoma.... Most of the dogs involved in dog bites and dog fighting in present time get labeled as "Pit Bulls" when in fact they are in fact a different breed all together. Do you even know what a real American Pit Bull Terrier looks like? I invite you to choose out of these pictures which dog. You may be very well surprised as to what could be called a "Pit Bull" by an uneducated eye. Thus giving the innocent American Pit Bull Terrier breed a bad name as a hole. I personally have heard of boxers, Boston terriers, even Chihuahua's being mistaken for American Pit Bull Terriers. 8/10/07 ED: We will keep an eye out for killer Chihuahua's.

7) Ashley tells us: I find it disturbing that of all of the pit bull attacks reported in the media (of course only pit bull attacks are reported in the media but that's another point), especially the fatal ones, no one bothers to ask what the owners were doing when their dog attacked. Why was the pit bull loose and roaming the neighborhood in the case where the pit bull snuck in someones yard to kill their dog. Where were the parents of the two year old left alone with the pit bull? While I think it is horrible for a pit bull or any other dog to show aggression towards another animal, the main theme in all pit bull attacks is owner irresponsibility. Do you blame the SUV for wrecking into the parked car at 100mph? Of course not because the human controls the SUV. Well the human controls the dog too. I also take offense when you and many ignorant people like you stereotype pit bulls as killers even though 99.9% of pit bulls are peaceful, loving family pets that do no harm their entire life. What I've found in speaking with people about pit bulls are the ones who have owned a pit bull understand and agree with everything I've said in this email. The one's who are completely against pit bulls and want them banned have never owned one much less even came into contact with one. The media is tugging at people's heartstrings with the story of the 2 year old girl but completely ignoring the responsibility the owner of the dog must accept. People eat it up hook line and sinker and don't realize ignorance and the media is leading the charge to ban pit bulls plain and simple.

8) Holly from Irvington, AL: I've have been raised by Pit Bulls all my life, I have never once been bitten, nor does anyone else that has ever cums into our yard. Yes, I believe if a dog bites, no matter what breed it is, it needs to be put down. I just read right before I came to this website, that German Shephards are more likely to bite then any other breed of dog. Yes, you're very right, it is the owner, when they chain them, when they don't give them any attention, when they're beaten, torchered, just as well with any other breed. Yes, they are protective of there territory, and they're supposed to be, just like any other guard dog. I will guarantee you one thing, PIT BULLS WILL NEVER BE COMPLETELY BANNED!!!! 8/3/07

Ban Pit Bulls. They bite. So do the owners! They are not very creative in their defense of the dogs. Below are the arguments I detect in the emails we receive.

Top Fallacious Arguments in defense of these Killer Dogs:
1) Ban the Deed not the Breed (Blame the Owner, Not the Dog)
2) The Little Rascals Had One
3) Any Dog Can Bite
4) You are a Greedy Lawyer
5) Pit Bulls Can be confused with Other Dog Breeds
6) Owner has a Pit Bull That Is nice
7) "I do not like your CDC stats. I have my own that show pit bulls do not bite (that much)"

Ed: Did I miss anything?

Somewhat More Neutral Pit Bull Defenders:

Stephanie Sorensen writes: I just want to ask you where you are getting your information... I own two pit bulls and have known several others, and it is definitely owner irresponsibility that leads to all the deaths. But by no means does that mean that there aren't people out there who not only can handle the breed, but handle them well and have done so consistently for decades. Pit bulls are only one of several "bully breeds" and they are not for every dog owner. But as any intelligent person knows, situations are never black and white. You have your hip hop culture, that is giving pit bulls a bad name, and you have us responsible pit bull owners that are trying desparately to make people see that it is in fact the people and not the dogs themselves that are causing all the problems! So please don't be so one-sided and biased with your information. You are leading people to think what you want them to rather than presenting REAL facts and letting them decide for themselves. Also keep in mind that any dog can bite. Just the fact that most reported cases are pit bull attacks does not mean that they are the most likely to bite. Now, there are more pit bulls than any other breed in the U.S., so your info is a little outdated there. Labs, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, and hundreds of other breeds attack people, it simply isn't reported, because it isn't interesting news.

And those attacks that happen to children by their family pets? The media always fails to report what happened before and after the attack, as well as whether or not the parents actually left the children alone with the dog at any point in time. That is neglect in parenting and improper training (people that got a pit, not knowing what they were getting themselves into), if you ask me. Education of the breed and what goes into owning one as a pet needs to happen. That is the best solution. That, and regulations to enforce that these dogs be behaviorally trained and people properly educated on how to properly manage them. But you didn't ask me, and you'll probably delete this as soon as you see that I'm not a "victim." But you see, I am a victim. Because of people like you, I may one day have to change my life in order to be able to keep my wonderful animals. My 3-year old pit, Scarlet, is the best dog I've ever had in my life. She lives with two dogs and a cat, she loves people and children, she is well exercised and well socialized - a perfect example of the pit bull as they used to be visualized. She is an embassador and I will continue to use her to educate people and counter what you are doing. And I know a lot of others that are doing the same. If you have read this far, thank you for at least reading how yet another pit bull owner views things. Perhaps I have at least provided a rational enough explanation of why banning ownership of the breed will just hurt a lot of good people with good dogs. Instead, promote education of the breed and let's figure out a way to get these animals in the hands of responsible owners, end dogfighting and the idea that the pit bull has to be an aggressive protector and fighter, and bring the breed back to the days of "Petey" from the Lil' Rascals. P.S. And I'm not an uneducated "thug," in case you're wondering. I have a Masters degree in Biology. 8/2/07 ED: At least she writes intelligently and concedes that Human Deaths are a problem.

Amelia Millan of Seattle writes: Throughout my life, I have had many dogs. I really don't think your portrayal of pit attacks is accurate. I do believe there are many examples of poorly educated owners and breeders for pits. The actual pit bull comprises four breeds, but has been mistaken with up to 20 breeds. Although it is true that bull and terrier dogs have a naturally tendancy to go after other dogs and animals, they rarely go after people. If they do they should be put down. You should really do your homework on the breed, there are a lot of fear-filled misinterpretations that you are continuing. Bull and Terrier because of their nature, should be banned from off-leash dog parks and always muzzled in the presence of other dogs to avoid fights. But they do also get attacked because of the way their posture is... Do you realize the dog you are attacking was originally the same dog in the Little Rascals? I have a pit pup, and I am not training her to be a fighter, but a friend. My father has a 12 year old pit that has been around 10 grandkids, cats, ferrets and birds and has NEVER tried to do anything to any of them. She even lets other dogs in the house no problem. He had a Boston Terrier that passed away before her that was named Nibbles because she would bite anyone that came near her if he wasn't around. The truth is smaller dogs are responsible for more bites than any other dog around. I hope you might post this email from a concerned pit and terrier owner because more people need to be upset with bad owners than dogs. A Pit Terrier is only as bad as the owner that trains them. Go after the bad owners not the breeds. 8/10/07

Joe White writes: I am a pitbull owner and for you to say they should ban them is wrong. They should ban the people who mistreat them and turn them into the "monsters" you speak of. I have 5 children and my pit is the perfect pet for them. Pits are not born a nasty dog its how they are brought up. I also submitted my adress and phone number so any time you would like to come visit my pit or talk about this topic please do so , I welcome this debate. Thank you for you time7/30/07


Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States seeks medical attention for a dog bite. There are approximately 800,000 bites per year in the United States that require medical treatment.  If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us to get legal help.

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